Amazon ürün arama yazılımı

Awesome Features

With USA Drop Tool, you can:

  • Manage Your Inventory
  • Quantity/Pricing Update
  • Estimate Selling Price
  • Dynamic Pricing (Repricing)
  • Automated Order Fulfillment
  • Order Match
  • Profit/Loss Management
  • ASIN-based Rules
  • Automated Tracking Number & Confirmation
  • and much more soon...
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More than just a tool!

Simplified order manangement is one of the best features of the tool. You can easily fulfill the orders with one click, buy trackings in seconds.

Easy Inventory Management

Quickly check quantities, decide prices, mark products as active/inactive, apply repricing in seconds.

Always up-to-date

You can update your inventory any time you wish.

Flawless UX

Our extension provides easy usage and simplify all the process.

Create the Filters, Define the Rules and Start Selling Now!

You can even define specific profit rules per ASIN and you can decide your selling price according to buybox or lowest. Or you can keep your selling price stable without taking care about buybox/lowest

Amazonda ASIN ile ürün arama
Step 1

Decide what you'll sell

Match the products on Walmart with the equivalent one on

Use the Walmart Product ID and Amazon's ASIN in order to generate SKUs

Step 2

Update, Manage and Reprice

You can define lots of settings to manage your inventory

  • Estimated Tax, Fixed Shipping Price, Discounted Price, Amazon Commission
  • Decide the stock per ASIN
  • Repricing according to buybox/lowest or keep the price fixed.
  • Define minimum profit rate or fixed price.
Amazon Repricer
Amazon Otomatik Sipariş
Step 3

Fulfill Your Orders Quickly

You can easily manage your orders, buy them with one click and get tracking number from tracktaco quickly.

USA Drop Tool also keeps all the expenses during the order fulfillment and display them to you as an order summary.